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Steam deck. Anyone imported one? When will they be officially here?

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Far better to wait. We are a small market, but it launched in Japan, so we are not far off. By all reports, it's great for 30FPS PC gaming, but for the money, I would be waiting for the inevitable later hardware revisions that can boost the frame rate when the tech gets better.

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Yeah, Definitely wasn't going to go through the rigmarole of Grey import. But if someone had then it would be interesting to hear what they think of it so far. I guess a good thing about it taking so long to get here is it will have been improved several times by the time it arrives 😄

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On 25/12/2022 at 9:34 PM, redferatu said:

Do you portable game much? I feel like I always like the idea, but have realised I just don't play games on the go ever. It's not a lack of options just always have something better to do when I'm away from home.

I was actually just thinking of it as a potentially long lasting, reliable PC game machine. Not interested in the latest PC games, just a few of the older ones available on Steam. Just an idea. For much older games, I have an old PC and hopefully enough bits and pieces to build a win98 machine.

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