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Alltek Power Board

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Another day, another issue has. It never ends. Today I turned my attention to some of the electronic components and noticed I have a fried connector. It obviously needs replacing (red wire came loose while I was “prodding” it) so I’ll order a new connector and some new pins from pinballife. BUT I then looked at the Power Board and it also looks like it’s in bad shape. I think it’s worth replacing but I cannot seem to find an Alltek powe board Supplier in Australia. If anyone can help point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it. Apparently Alltek are better than Rottendog because they don’t require soldering, which is preferable 





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eddy boards are being snapped up from os pinball heads

i have pinbits ones ...witch are  NLA

tangles boards are the way to go

i wish he would make rectifier boards that suit fathom / Centaur etc

will probably never happen as it is only limited to a smaller market and would not be viable


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