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Can’t identify piece from inside cabinet

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Hi guys,

Well I knew this would happen . I’ve been pretty diligent with putting things in plastic bags and labelling and I know this piece is part of the lockdown bar or from the front part of the inside of the cab but know what it is or where it came from. 

1 and 2 in the attached pic I can identify but not the one circles in yellow. 

Machine is a 1979 Playboy. Would really appreciate any assistance in helping me identify this piece. 




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Where does piece 2 do? I’ve got one left over after a rebuild and I can’t find it in a photo from my tear down . I thought it was related to lock down but couldn’t see how it did anything 

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Piece 2 from Josh's pics goes on the inside RHS of the coin door. Its for the tongue of the door lock to ride up. In pic 3 it still has one screw in it and has flopped over to the side as the top screw has been removed.

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