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Mame Windows 10 Audio Amplification issues

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Rebuilding my Mame PC after mother board failure.  I am trying to run the audio out of the motherboard to a cheap amp.  Unfortunately 3 amps later and no sound out of the stereo 8 ohm speakers.

Have confirmed

1) audio comes out of motherboard when headphones are plugged in

2) mp3 player connected to amp (using same 3.5mm audio cable as item 1 above) outputs sound to the speakers

3) PC to amp produces nothing

Assuming all amps have some sought of safety protection cut off causing the issue. Anyone had similar issues? Any workarounds?



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Perhaps check that Windows audio output is not being redirected via HDMI when the plug is swapped. It may not detect the amp connection and auto switch to HDMI out. Click on the speaker icon on the taskbar and it should show where the sound is going and allow you to switch it.


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Thanks but have already checked that.  Have got HDMI audio disabled.  Definitely auto detecting the right output.

Could get audio to work in the past with a cheap Jaycar amp kit (ones you build yourself with supplied components) however have since binned those.




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