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Sydney Pinball Club @ Beercade - Stern Army

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Hi Sydney Pinheads
We're going to try a regular comp @Beercade in 2023 on the second Thurs of the month (except Apr)
Thurs 12th Jan23, Thurs 9th Feb23, Thurs 9th Mar23, Thurs 6th Apr23, 11th May23, 8th Jun23
Dates may be cancelled if required, I will try to give plenty of notice if this happens
We will meet from 6.00pm and the comp will kick off at 6.30pm to give ppl time to register and have a few warm up games (or grab a beer)
Tournament will be Group Matchplay
Qualifying - 3 Rounds of 2 matches (6 qualifying games)
Round pairing: 1st round will be random plairing & then we'll align players based on their score for the lst 2 rounds.
Scoring system: IFPA (7/5/3/1) for 4player grps (7/4/1) for 3 player grps.
Arena draws: Attempts will be made to assign an arena that hasnt been played the fewest times by all opponents.
Three rounds of two games per round.
Tiebreaker: Ties will only be broken for entry into the semi final & final and will consist of 1 ball shootout
The finals will consist of the top 8 (or top 4 field if less than 16players).
Semi Final - players will be seeded into two groups with the top two players from each group going through to the final. Each group will play 2 semi finals in chaos format with placings awarded 7/5/3/1 with the top 2 players from ea group going through to the final 
Final - The top four players will play 2 finals in chaos format. 
ENTRY FEE: $16 ($10 to the venue as the comp games will be on free play, $5 into the prize pool, the $1 IFPA\Aus Champ fee)
expect to play 10 games if you make to the final 4. 
Prizes 1st, 2nd, 3rd will split the cash from the $5 entrance fee.
There will also be random prizes on the nite donated by the Beercade, AMD & Stern (if available)
113-115 Regent St
Redfern NSW 2016
comp pins will be determined on the night
Starting at 6.30pm we expect to be finished about 10.30.
All normal tournament rules apply.
This event will be played for IFPA WPPRs


SPC Logo.png

Stern Army.jpg

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Hi All,

Apologies to anyone planning to come to Beercade for the 1st comp of the yr on Thurs 12th Jan. Ive had to cancel this comp, sorry. 


See you on the 9th Feb

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