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VPGL24 Game 6- Vikings (SS)

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With Christmas fast approaching we have a double game release this week. On to Val Hallah!  

VPGL 24 - Game6~ Vikings

Nominated by VPGL legend RusstyT

Game Closes-Sunday 27th November

Vikings was made by Bally and released in July 1980. The machine had a production run of 2600 and pinball was become less popular with the increase in popularity of arcade gaming. The backglass is O'Connor's vision of King Haralds Christmas feast. Not your everyday turkey roast and plum pudding

Design by: Jim Palta
Art by:  Kevin O'Connor who also did the artwork for our last game world cup soccer and Monster Bash. This guy just keeps popping up.





We are playing the 3 ball regular game in this competition.

The VPX Game, Backglass & ROM can be found here


Downloads linked are just suggestions, you can play on any VPX version or the table as long as it is the same rule set (IE Pro, LE etc.). You can let us know what version you are playing and why you play that one in the thread if you like,

Score Submissions:

Please make a new post for each score you post, with your score as the first line of your post, along with a photo or screen shot showing your score. This game finishes Sunday 27th November 2022, Midnight pm Sydney Time 

No continues are allowed when submitting a score and must be played from the beginning of the game.

Those Vikings love to work and play!



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F50D9742-5B31-43DC-9BFB-F09A73423569.thumb.jpeg.012ca7fde8422ba263c254ef19865e8c.jpeg2,872,590 finally set up the feast at king heralds Christmas lunch. 5x and 40k bonus and hello Val Halah. Can’t claim all skill with a double right lane bounce save through the gate😊how the hell did that happen in that right lane devils gate. 😂

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Tough game with RusstyT dining out at King Heralds table and take the win. Crackers pips JoeSoap for 2nd place. Bord's recreation proving to be a popular addition to the Tables folder. VPGL24 Game6 Viking is now closed

Game 6 Vikings    
Player Score   Points
RusstyT 2,872,590  1 100
Crakkers 1,352,220  2 99
JoeSoap 1,207,580  3 98
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