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Star Wars LE SOLD

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Up for sale is probably the best moded and condition Star Wars LE Pinball you could find Home use Only
Would consider Stern trades No other pins in pictures for sale just SWLE
with below
R2D2 Sten topper (very rare hard to get )
HD Glass
Art Blades
Shaker Motor
Shooter Rod

Extra Mods
Speaker grill (to match new sterns)
Upgraded speakers and sub
Speaker light kit
Flipper britebuttons
Shooter housing LED
Shooter Plate
Chrome bolts
Lockdown accent (can’t get this one anymore, best they had made)
Full clear Titan rubber kit
Plastic protectors
Playfield screen layover
Boba get ship
Star destroyer mod couple toy
Spot light covers (satellite reflectors)
Flipper bat toppers
Custom cards and coin door decal/coin slot card
Light up side rails (new, not installed)
Can help ship interstate with Bill Pinball Transport


asking $20k REDUCED







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6 hours ago, JustAnotherRat said:

Need to list the price 🙂

Just FYI, the colour of the text you use makes it very difficult to read for anyone using a dark theme for the forum.

Damn I done an edit and left price off.

text should be fixed now 

cheers Doug 

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3 hours ago, JOKERPOKER said:

Well done @Doug11  I know where there is another when you get the itch. I’ll be ready to part with it by then……maybe 😂😂😂

Now your having a joke at expense of my urges 😂😂😂

But you are spit on 😁

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1 hour ago, Doug11 said:

Now your having a joke at expense of my urges 😂😂😂

But you are spit on 😁

I’m keeping it warm for you mate and hardly playing it as the shoulder is still causing me some grief.

Good news for you and a low plays SWLE 👍🏼

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