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Bally Playboy bits

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I tidied up a Bally Playboy a bit over a year ago and ordered the whole bundle from CPR. Only used the PF and 3 plastics though. The rest is up for sale. Would prefer to sell the lot as one.

The lot will be shipped in the original CPR BG packing with extra bubblewrap.

The BG I didn't use as the colours were a bit dark and the opacity for lighting from behind was a bit dull. Probably due to the darker grey mask CPR used. = $300

The Topper has been fitted once and I've had to touch up the black around the edges = $30

The plastics are a mixture of mostly new (all the pink/purple ones). The black rear arch ones are used but in OK nick. I used the clear one that goes up under the top LH Grotto entrance. Two Bow tie ones for in front of the pops. I didn't use them as the colour wasn't keeping in line with the rest of the colour scheme I was going with for the whole job. = $100

Will sell the whole lot as a bundle for $400 + shipping.








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