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Lai pink skill tester ( claw dropped , string was off roller ,error code )

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Hi I’m after any advice on a claw machine skill tester lai pink , manual would be handy also 

so the claw has dropped and won’t retract , error code on display 

I noticed the string came off a roller , I have stripped the claw wires and re seated  , turned machine on and off 

its as far as I’ve got still not working 

any advice appreciated not very savvy but willing to learn 

can upload pics soon 

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Suspect the wire gantry wire harness. All claw machines have a similar setup where the harness needs to bend to perform the X and Y axis. Where the harness bends causes the wires to fatigue over time.

To my knowledge LAI didn't offer complete gantry harnesses as a spare part so we made our own as a drop in replacement after finding the time it took to find and repair the broken wire took longer to track down, (as they are always intermittent breaks). and the resulting repair was always in the fatigue area of the harness.

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