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New Old Pin Day....Centigrade 37


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Finally after a long wait and many false leads I have this little beauty in the shed.

Been wanting for an EM in my small collection for a few years now. Such a beautiful game. I initially started looking for an Aquarius...as I was born in 1970 and an Aquarius myself! But it's no where as pretty as this.

I initially saw the game online and checked out alot of EM's. Then I was lucky to play Jimmy's from Netherworld one casual arvo at Dave's house and was in love at first site.

The art and game to me is 10/10 and I am very grateful to finally own one.....Thanks PC for the quick and easy transaction with no stuffing around and the elusive Bill for the delivery.

Unlike my normal approach..I'm leaving this fairly untouched as it plays beautifully and everything is very nice. I relit and rubbered it all and a clean up here and there and will maybe add some more very subtle cleaning and polishing.

Happy Saturday AA'ers!





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