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Restoring an upright Crazy Taxi - questions

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Hi all.


After years of searching I have been able to aquire an upright Crazy taxi and have 2 questions on my restore

1 - anyone ever see the top lightbox part for sale or a way to reproduce the part pictured?

2 - If anyone has mounted the Axel car topper to the lightbox how did you do it?




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Congrats on the Taxi, that one has eluded me all these years...That is an interesting piece being formed like that making duplicating virtually impossible (IMO), and have never seen one commercially available, My guess would be a heat formed lexan, and reverse stencil, but still... yikes, More of a intense airbrush project, Whats wrong with that one? It appears nice.

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I stupidly tried to scrape the plastic film that was flaking on the rear and scraped a bit of the T and A in Taxi away, making it quite thin

It's also a bit scratched on the front. Hoping someone can recreate it

I'm in the process of repairing the base as it was rusty and powdercoating metal parts

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You can usually polish out the scratches, and tape off and replace the back paint, just make sure it is the same color, Water based would be a good choice for compatibility and less Chance of crazing the plastic...Replacing probibally not a realistic option unless someone parts one out, but then again that's used, old, and probably has issues too.

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That's an airbrush thing, Short story is color in a translucent binder, slow and careful, sprayed with a backlight, Thats how pinball backglass were made back in the day... Thats is also why glass cleaner will actually remove the color on them, alcohol is also the reduction method, hence the water borne...If you decide to try it however I would strongly recommend practicing on glass first.

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