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PiTrex - Aussie made Pi Interface for Vectrex console


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For those of us lucky enough to own a working Vectrex.... This thing is fantastic.... way cheaper (and can still be bought) than the VecFever, and allows you to play Vectrex roms on your Vectrex, and lots of other stuff. I've been living with a multicart for years for my console, but this thing is just next-level. It basically is an interface cartridge that allows you to add A Pi Zero as the engine for your Vectrex, allowing you to do things on your true vector monitor that you previously only dreamed about. (Say play Arcade rom versions of Battlezone, And Empire Strikes back...)

The PiTrex is Australian made by Ombertech in Victoria. http://www.ombertech.com

[I am in no way afilliated with Ombertech... just think Kevin's work is brilliant for the Vectrex]

Here is a video from youtube showing Battlezone played on Vectrex via PiTrex, this user created his own controls using a pair of Atari 2600 sticks, and made his own overlay. Just GREAT ! 


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