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  1. EDIT: Last Price Drop to $11750 and also have gone and taken more close up PF images included below. 🙂 Already listed elsewhere, and dropped slowly from 13k. Hesitant to consider offers any lower. X-Men LE - Magneto #18 of 250 Great fun, but too similar to my Rush layout to keep both. More pics can be found from before I bought it from this post - https://www.facebook.com/groups/arcadeandpinballmachinesforsaleaustralia/permalink/5742402779110889 I figure price hasn't really changed that much on these in a year, and it's the rarer of the two X-Men LE's (250 of these vs 300 of Wolverine). Ranked #71 on Pinside for those who follow rankings. Subjective though they are. Great condition, as per images - I can get more if needed. Located in Brissy North side - Bill knows me well, a little too well!
  2. Riverboat Gambler Project with a Diamond Plate PF and PinScores $4250 Probably looks worse than it'll clean up. Needs a good clean and rubbers, and the diverter needs a fix (somebody before me tried to dodgy it - pic attached). Aside from that, she plays. And can be enjoyed while it is polished up. Someone must have had the idea to start the project because PinScores are in it, and being that it's a Diamond Plate PF which were limited, there's hope for a restore there. I won't price this too painfully (listing here at the same price I paid) and maybe someone wants to jump on a cheap System 11 that needs some TLC. Why am I selling? Space, and would let this go before newer / better ones. I own or are coming in I really wanted to do a full restore on it, but I have other projects.
  3. I've decided to clear up some room in my garage and unfortunately I need to pass on my USA football prototype. Made between 1992 and 1994 by Alvin G this is one of only 11 made and is most likely the only one in australia. While it may appear to be a standard redemption machine at first glance it actually has a non-redemption mode that can allow 2 players to verse each other in a game of gridiron. The cabinet is in good condition other than a large chip on the front of the cabinet that a previous owner has covered up with black perspex, the side art is in good condition and the marquee is also in good condition with its original redemption sign. The playfield is in great condition with no major cracks or wear, the previous owner LED’d the machine however not all the GI was LED’d. The machine has a ticket dispenser installed however I never got the keys to the dispenser and I don't want to damage it by drilling out the lock so I have left it untouched and disabled it in the machines test menu. The price is 2.5K and is located in Moorebank NSW. if you want to see some gameplay of the 2 modes check out these videos i've uploaded to my youtube channel.
  4. Flipper rebuild kit I bought ages ago and never used. BFKIT80 $50
  5. I bought this but went with the clear instead. Protective film still in place. https://www.pinballlife.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=PBL-300-0178-00 $20 Thanks, Andy
  6. Hi all I have a 20" Orion tube that's been laying around for around 20 years. It was a spare tube for an old LAI cabinet I owned which has now moved on many moons ago. I should have handballed them the tube at the same time. I am unsure if it still works. I do not have any way of testing it besides taking it to JOMAC. (And he's a busy man). The yoke looks intact and there is no burning around the windings which I have seen before in faulty tubes. Free to a good home. Pickup only please. I am in Belmont, Perth WA
  7. Hi All, I've decided it's time to clear out some old projects. First up is a Sega Super Hang-on ride on mini project. It has no cabinet although all of the metal parts from the cabinet should be there. Seat and dash are both cracked. Comes with two boardsets (untested) and harness. Also has a 20 inch monitor. Some pics attached but I'll post better ones by tomorrow. $200 pick-up from Upper Mt Gravatt. Cheers, Andy
  8. Free Located Ashmore on the Gold Coast. Pick up only. Just removed from a lowboy and replaced with an LCD screen. This set up kept blowing the fuse. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. Could be easy or nightmare to fix. Capacitors look good. Chasis is actually quite clean. I can’t see any screen burn on the monitor. see photos. Cheers.
  9. Sold (elsewhere). -- Sega Master System 2 with Sonic built in, along with 33 other games, a controller, RF cable and power supply. There are 15 boxed games (4 with manuals), 18 loose carts and the built-in game is Sonic the Hedgehog. System is all original, and it & the controller work well. Looking for $300 + post Boxed games are: Battle Out Run SCI Black Belt Strider Enduro Racer World Soccer Operation Wolf Cloud Master Joe Montana Football Renegade Double Dragon Space Gun World Cup Italia ‘90 Transbot Loose: Trivial Pursuit KLAX Great Golf GP rider Pro Wrestling G-Loc Lemmings World Grand Prix Chuck Rock Spellcaster Wimbledon Parlour Games Populous Arcade Smash Hits Dynamite Dux Global Gladiators Dick Tracy Dynamite Duke (game with the missing label)
  10. LAI cocktail wired for jamma. the monitor is nice and bright with no burn in. cabinet laminate is peeling off in places but otherwise solid cabinet. had some fun with it over the lockdown but need to make space in the garage. $200 firm, the pcb is not included with the machine. perfect for classic horizontal games like ghosts and goblins however the monitor could be easily rotated so a vertical PCB like 1942 could be installed. located in moorebank NSW.
  11. Update: Sold Sending this to a new home - Dreamcast LE boxed edition of DiGi Charat Fantasy. Picked this up with a huge haul from Japan a while back and despite airing it out for six months couldn't get all of the ciggy smoke smell out of it. Can't remember what I paid for it, but I'm after $10 plus postage if you're interstate (Adelaide pickup's fine). Included is the game, a calendar, VMU, rego paperwork, VMU manual thingo, I think an audio CD (it's still sealed) and the box itself. The front of the box is a little sun-bleached too. I haven't tested the VMU either, hopefully it works. Hopefully sealing it in a container with one of those charcoal bag things will sort it out - it's certainly heaps better than when I first opened it, but I'm a bit over it and hope someone else might want it 😄 Drop me a message if you're interested.
  12. Hi old friends, long time no post I know. I'm not very active in the retro/arcade scene anymore, but I've kept my favourites for the occasional get together. Unfortunately my big Buck Hunter Safari has started having some trouble and I just don't have the time or will to tinker anymore so I've decided to move it on to someone still on the scene and will give it a more active life. Background: Big Buck Hunter Safari (Game/PC/security chip is Safari, cabinet has "Buck Hunter Pro" decals and the marquee header says "Buck Hunter World" New gun internals, and completely new gun enclosure (green side) Chassis reconditioned by Jomac late 2018 (I sent it away for repair due to occasional black-screen or rolling image). Recent issues: 1) Last weekend after turning it on, the picture was quite dark. Upon increasing the screen gain, the image looked better. However, NEITHER of the guns would register at all (the screen flashes when the trigger is pulled but it doesn't register a shot). I tried other VGA cables and reseating everything, but no good. Something is fishing with the built-in monitor/chassis menu too, as when I click the menu button the menu comes up but all the text is garbled. I do not have a deguass wand anymore so I haven't tried that (colour purity may throw off the guns) 2) In the process of diagnosing the above the machine has had several on/off restarts (I never shut it down mid-way through loading though). Now it's giving me an error that some game files may be corrupt. So, worst case scenario (my guess) is the display/chassis may need another repair, best case some degauss and adjustments. I do not believe there is any issues with the guns. The HDD may need worst-case replacing, or re-imaging, or best case the inbuilt diagnostics. I'm asking for $900 ono.
  13. JUST ADDED: Switch console (original version, not the Lite) with dock, joycon grip and extra pair of joycons. SL and SR buttons are not working on three of the joycons (most games don't use individual joycons so this is rarely a problem)- $150 Breath Of The Wild for Switch- $25 Wii console, 2 Wii remotes (one standard, one Motion Plus), 5 nunchuks, Williams Pinball Classics, Gottlieb Pinball Classics, Twilight Princess, Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman, Wii Sports- $60 for the lot NES Classic Mini, complete, with extra controller- $50 SNES Classic Mini, complete- $50 Switch games: Mario Maker 2, Mario Kart 8- $25 each 3DS games: Ocarina Of Time, Ultimate NES Remix- $15 each DS Lite with charger, 6 DS games- Mario Kart DS, WarioWare Do It Yourself, Jam Sessions, Mechanic Master 2, More Brain Training, Boulder Dash Rocks; and Moto GP GBA game compatible with DS- $30 for the lot Game Cube games: Sonic Mega Collection, Wind Waker, Simpsons Hit & Run- $25 each, $60 for all three. Game Cube controller & data card- $10 for both N64 game: Turok 2- $10 N64 games: Operation Winback, Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding- $10 each OR ALL OF THE ABOVE FOR $350 Collection of 18 NES games, one controller, NES light gun: Guardian Legend, Castlevania, Lolo 1, 2 & 3, SMB/Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman, The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Puzznic (2 copies for some reason), Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf, Ninja Turtles, Hook, Krusty’s Funhouse, Solstice, Dragon’s Lair, Faxanadu- $180. All games tested and start. Zelda games have battery issues (don’t always save games). Light gun has not been tested as it requires CRT TV. SOLD Original NES- console only, no games, controllers or A/C cable. Works, but temperamental- $20 SOLD Oracle Of Ages & Oracle Of Seasons (Game Boy Color, also work on GBA)- $40 each, $70 for both. Free GBA (pretty ordinary condition) if you need something to play them on.SOLD 2DS with charger- $40 SOLD Located Sydney CBD. Will ship interstate.
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