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  1. I've had this bartop carcass in my garage for about 4 years now. Acquired it from Woka. Like many of us, too many projects and not enough time and/or motivation. As is normal with me I get to a point where I want to complete a project that I've put off for some time so I pick one and work on it until done. The biggest kicker for this is that I bought an arcade pack off Ebay pretty cheaply knowing it would suit this. It included 60-1 pcb, power supply, jamma harness, 12 player buttons, 1&2 player button, 2 joysticks, 2 speakers, speaker grills and 50 PCB mounts. Bare carcass here which didn't come with a back or control panel. So using a 19" 4:3 LCD monitor as the template I measured up to see how I could fit everything in. The 19" just fits vertically so I measure up some timber rails to mount both the control panel and rest the monitor on, then glued and screwed. Measured up a control panel and dicked around with control and button layout. Test fitting here. Made a rear door and fitted with a barrel lock. Also cut out a hole for the IEC power socket. Now most people opt for a Galaga based bartop or some sort of custom job. Me, I'm more partial to Galaxian so I've elected to go that way. Woka also included enough T-Moulding to fit this that matches the original Galaxian cab colour. Overall colours will also match so I'm going gloss white and then I'm going to get original artwork sized and printed. that will include Marquee, Control Panel, Sideart & Kick Plate. Not sure I'll bother with a bezel as it would only be the width of the monitor bezel which is 10mm. Now I suck mightily at graphics but I've managed to use Adobe Illustrator to modify the original Galaxian control panel artwork to suit my bartop. Original I printed off a sample on plain paper to ensure it fit and to my great surprise it fit perfectly, down to the button holes. Everything else will remain original, just re-sized to fit. Work to do next is another coat of undercoat and then start the gloss white paint job. And photos can go **** themselves. Doesn't matter how I rotate, they persist in coming out sideways :realmad: Cheers, Brad
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