Day 17 of 17.

Final Results ...

What a game! What a challenge! Everyone who played this game deserves a medal, from no. 31 up to no.1. This was a quarter muncher in the 80s and the game engine has a little bit of Mr Do!, Roc n Rope, Crazy Climber and Kick-Man. 75K and above is really good going on this title as DaLar, CrazyKongFan, bigredbird, creech, RMacauley, spectre, Prow, Vikleroy, SMK and Ivanstorm1973 took out 4th to 13th place respectively.

Incredibly 3 gamers broke the Twin Galaxies World Record of 162,050. Matt Sales scored a mighty 171K for an outstanding 3rd place. Jason Vasiloff, gaming on the last day with all his might, just missed the game win and scored an incredible 183,300 points, just 3,350 points behind the winner.

Congratulations to John McAllister for winning Game 7, with a brilliant new Twin Galaxies World Record score of 186,850 points. Extremely well played.

Pac-Land and Sky Kid are both currently in play. Some might argue they are kiddie games, however the reality is these are 2 brutally skilful games that require a lot of strategy and great play to do well. Pac-Land is far more complex than Pac-man 1980, and Sky Kid is far more complex than the basic shooters from the early 80s. What did you expect from NAMCO?