So the start of another resto!
Finally had time to make a start on the Outrun I picked up
Overall the condition seemed good just needed a good clean etc
I got it untested with a board and also a Outrun turbo board as well
Not a good start when I fired it up – Nothing … but the board did have power and so did the monitor
I then tried the board via a converter board on a lcd and still nothing coming to the conclusion the board is faulty
So next was the Outrun turbo board so I put that on the LCD and Yippee it worked so next step was to put it in the cab and try the monitor
All good it worked! – Surprisingly the monitor looks good – nice colour and bright just needs fine tuning and degaussing
The other problem that came up was no sound – Not realizing it came with a sound amp board that was in the coin box I figured out the unplugged wiring and hooked it up – Still nothing
Also only one speaker was wired up not both as I think it has stereo sound??
Next was to check the speakers so I put in a spare one and it worked! So new speakers are on the list
Also the steering had a broken spring on one side but it came with spares so that was an easy fix
I don’t know if the shaker motor for the steering works as I read somewhere it doesn’t work with a turbo board ?? And also the turbo button uses the start button but that didn’t work either
So overall Im happy so far except for the non working Outrun board which if anyone out there knows anyone that can take a look let me know as I would prefer to have that running in it
Next is on to the outside of the cabinet