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Thread: Williams Black Knight Restoration

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    Quote Originally Posted by Autosteve View Post
    First pull out all the loose broken timber. Don't even attempt to glue them back in place, it will stuff up your repair. Pop the corner completely apart and put in Liquid nails making sure you clean off the excess when it is still wet. So much easier to clean off when wet that dry, I think it is turps clean up but it is written on the tube. Now clamp it back together making sure the cabinet is square and if not, brace using diagonal pieces of wood to temporarily hold it square till dry.

    Now add some steel....These at the bottom....

    Make sure to use not only screws to hold these but Liquid nails them in place as well, the LNs sticks well to the metal, very well actually.

    The top of the cabinet corner I use a small corner metal bracket as well. Something like these work perfectly just making sure they are low enough not to fowl the playfield or anything else they may come in contact with and once painted in the corner, you can hardly spot them but they add enormous strength to the cabinet....

    Once the cabinet is completely dry, any remaining gaps on the outside of the cabinet if any use PVA glue to make it look good cosmetically. It drys clear but can be painted over once dry.
    Sorry Steve but metal brackets look shite.
    Bunnings/hardware store angle brackets are the first thing i throw in the bin when starting a restore.

    Agree to split the front open to clean out loose stuff and use liquid nails to glue back together but replacing the timber fillets gluing and stapling them in will not only be plenty strong enough but also look original.

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    Iíve had three or four cabs that the entire front coin door timber piece has fallen out in my hands

    As suggested, clean all the loose timber off, test the fitting dry, even clamp up dry and make sure it fits well.

    I use PVA and slap it on thick. Better to wipe off a saturated joint than wishing you had put more in.

    Nail, screw and replace the original timber fillets with timber fillets...

    It will be solid as....

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