Was offered this cabinet whilst at a pinball tournament in Northern Tasmania, finally arranged delivery a couple of days ago.
Here is a video of it being unwrapped and initial tests:

So the cabinet is a very good condition considering it's age, only very minor wear and tear.
Control panel is good enough to mainly leave alone, other than a couple of spots of rust that will need treating so they don't get worse.
Working through the on-board self test, I can get a clear and stable colour picture on the CRT, so no CRT repair required.
All voltages check out right in range so far.
Self Test fails at stage three, so more than likely some bad Ram on the main game board - it looks like three ram chips have been swapped out already - so as soon as I can track down some compatible spares I will do some more swapping.
2019-03-28 21.43.42.jpg
2019-03-28 21.43.11.jpg
2019-03-30 14.09.13.jpg
2019-03-30 16.43.13.jpg