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Thread: Taito Space Invaders PCB Repair Log - GG

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    Taito Space Invaders PCB Repair Log - GG


    I got sent three Taito L-Shaped PCB's to look at for another member.
    I labeled this one GG#2 to keep track of which is which.

    The board was in fair condition but was booting to garbage and resetting.

    I pulled the ROMs to check if they were good and one had a few legs broken (Ceramic chip with gold pins) another checked bad and the other two were okay but had tarnished pins.
    A new set was burnt, they were Space Invaders Part 4 (invader4) so the same rom set was burnt, this is the version with fast shoot, the invaders occasionally split when you shoot them and the UFO shoots at you.

    The sockets were pretty average, one had heavy oxidation on a couple of pins and the rest weren't the best either.

    They were all replaced.

    After powering it up there were still some graphics issues and resetting so I threw a Test ROM in and it reported that one of the RAMs were bad.

    After replacing the suspect RAM the board now boots to a normal screen.

    A few games were played and after about a minute there's usually a graphics corruption followed by a reset.

    That's enough for today, I'll get back to it in the next few days.
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