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Thread: LED's for Solid State Machines

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boots View Post
    A compressor and airgun work well too and is way faster
    Thanks, good to know. I also used a mini soft brush with a dremel.

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    Thanks for the replies.
    I did buy a mixture of leds to try & compare against #44 globes.
    The big surprise was the temperature
    difference on the G.I. connectors. I used 33 leds so far & the G.I. ac input dropped from 84.5 C degrees to 39.9 C.
    The G.I. output connector went from 72 C down to 57 C.
    With the current draw of 16mA for each led versus 220 - 250mA for each #44 globe.
    I didn't have any #47 globes to test but I believe they are around 150mA each.
    Ambient temp was 24 C.
    I think my 2 SS & 1 DMD machines will get converted to leds but my EM's will stay the same. Cheers.

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