We have on clearance sale the SR coin validator. This coin mech accepts one coin type, and can be easily changed from $1, $2 or tokens. Details are;


Voltage: DC12V +/- 20%
1 coin, 1 pulse
Accepted Coin diameter: 18mm ~ 31mm
Accepted Coin thickness: 1.2mm ~ 3.0mm
Temperature: -15'C ~ +75'C
Select coins by coin's diameter, thickness and materials.
stops working and sound alarm when technical fishing is tried on the coin mech.
Triple sensors and anti-string mechanism protect machine from tricks and miscounting.
Can be connected to coin counter

Warning alarm features:

1 second lockout and warning alarm against improper coin and slug
10 seconds lockout and warning alarm against wire-string or other tricks
Non-stop warning alarm for non metallic coin in sampling clamp

Please note, these coin mechs were purchased to suit token customers - anyone using for $1 and $2 coins will need to file the coin entry. 20c coins are not suitable for this coin mech.

The coin mech comes with face plate, mounting screws, and wiring harness.

For more information, please review;

Coin Validator 427.jpg