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Thread: My Shark is Sick !

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    My Shark is Sick !

    Bloody fault on a fault The GI on my Hankin Shark had all gone out....So looking in the headbox someone had hacked the power supply board many years ago, and our arch enemy "High Resistance" had done a dastardly deed !.
    I replaced the offending connector, and yippy ! We had LIGHT
    Then we had darkness again Checking the fuse, I had juice on one side but not the other?. The fuse looked OK and not blown? and had metered out to zero ohms before the repair??
    So I pulled the fuse out to check it on its own and out of circuit. The bloody thing then fell apart in my hands. It had to pick this moment to crap out.
    I really do hate a fault on a fault ! So the Shark is all lit up again and looking happy

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    Half the battle is finding the hack jobs and making them right, great find and fix.

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