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Thread: Southern Hemisphere Pinball Championships 2019 7th-9th June

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    Southern Hemisphere Pinball Championships 2019 7th-9th June

    Just putting this up to get my arse in gear.

    More details to follow but will follow the same format as the inaugral event in NZ.

    Host: Me

    TDs: Dan and Dave


    Closest accommodation is here: still 3.6km from my place though so a car is required. Its cheap and cheerful. The food is good though, and the beer is cold. There is also a shuttle bus that you can call depending on the time.

    If that doesn't suit, you can always stay at the world of entertainment: (Penrith Panthers for the non-locals).

    You are also welcome to pitch a tent or park a van up at the barn. Keep in mind that other than a toilet there are no other facilities, so bring lots of deodorant if you choose that option.


    Hopefully we'll have a food man onsite, however don't count on it as he will bail if it rains!

    Otherwise the nearest store bought food is two sets of local shops, one in Mulgoa, one in Wallacia, both about 3-4km from my house.


    There is a bottle-o in both Mulgoa and Wallacia, but don't expect Dan Murphy's pricing! It can be quite steep.

    Drinking on site

    All good, just try to remain respectful of other players and the machines.


    Southern Hemisphere Pinball Championships 2019.

    IFPA Australia and IFPA New Zealand announce that this years SHPC tournament series is to be held in Sydney, Australia on the June long weekend (Queen's birthday) commencing Friday, 7 June 2019 to Sunday 9 June 2019.

    It will be held at The Barn, located in Mulgoa, near Penrith in Western Sydney.

    The Southern Hemisphere Pinball Championships will attract the top pinball players from Australia and New Zealand to battle for pinball supremacy. Players from around the globe are also invited to attend.

    There will be 4 large tournaments run over the weekend.

    These events will rival some of the larger competitive pinball competitions on the planet, and are an awesome opportunity for local players to experience competitive pinball at the highest level.

    OPEN TO EVERYONE TO ATTEND - dress code will apply!

    CAPPED AT 100 PLAYERS MAX! Get in quick or you may miss out.

    Cost for the event is $120 AUD - to cover costs, trophies etc. Thats a cheap weekend of top class pinball!

    Paypal is - send as "friends and family"

    Final payment cutoff is 12/05/2019

    I'll keep the list of attendees here in the first post.


    FRIDAY 7th June:

    Doors open 5pm. Flip Frenzy starts 7pm sharp. Should be finished 10pm. Classics comp with best 5 out of 10 games unlimited attempts qualifying commence afterwards and continues throughout the weekend until Sunday afternoon.
    Finals for the Classics commence after the Main event finals have finished on Sunday around 4:30pm.

    SATURDAY 8th June:

    Doors open 9am. Main Comp starts at 9:30 sharp ... 5 rounds of tiered Swiss qualifying (banks of 3 pins, New, Mid, Old) with 3,2,1,0 scoring per round.

    3 Strikes tournament will commence around 7pm at the end of the 5th round in the Main event after a break for dinner and end around midnight.

    SUNDAY 9th June:

    Doors open 9am. Playoffs for the main event commence from 9:30am sharp. At the conclusion of the Main comp, the finals for the Classics will commence around 4:30pm.

    Belles and Chimes Woman’s Comp from approximately 7pm

    Bring your own food and drink to last for the whole day. We'll be attempting to use set banks with no overlap so we should be able to smash through the main event as quickly as possible.

    Hope to see you there!

    Dan and Dave (and Leigh).

    To Be Convinced




    @rotordave (+ Danni) - Paid
    @kimzone - Paid
    @lconroy - Paid
    David Holender - Paid
    Megan Holender - Paid
    Aidan Kersley - Paid
    @nickfigures - Paid
    @Yetimon - Paid
    Marc Sanger - Paid
    Kristin Castle - Paid
    Charlie Sykes - Paid
    Simon Haxton - Paid


    @PinballEric - Paid


    @Fair Dinkum Dan - Paid
    @sleazius - Paid
    @gomeroz - Paid
    @Audioenslaved - Paid
    @SwedishTaxi - Paid
    @jug123 - Paid
    @symonz - Paid
    @G - Paid via Dan
    @RMacauley - Paid
    @Malone - Paid
    @ajfclark - Paid
    @DivMon - Paid
    @db666 - Paid
    @Jack the Flipper - Paid
    @Bet7676 - Paid (via Edy)
    @chopchop + Emily - Paid
    @ZAC - Paid
    @skids - Paid
    @Defender - Paid
    @Larissa + Josh Goscombe - Paid
    @zanderzone + Sandra Crous - Paid
    @Shanni - Paid
    @peely - Paid
    @MIN - Paid
    @acejas - Paid
    @Dredd - Paid
    @Sladethicax - Paid
    @PinballZero +1 - Paid
    @ronl008 - Paid
    @dloe007 - Paid
    @timmychap - Paid
    @Mar - Paid
    @hyper101 - Paid
    @Aceman - Paid
    @Cooked71 - Paid
    @LAP + Bret + Nigel - Paid
    @No Ball Save - Paid
    @DrCurlytek - Paid
    @Whitewater - Paid
    @ctucker - Paid
    @ozsammyboy - Paid
    @ladybug - Paid
    @yonky - - Paid
    @ajnin - Paid
    @visualmagic - Paid
    @LEX - Paid
    @banger181 + Betz - Paid
    @JoeSoap - Paid
    @Pinball Dre - Paid
    @Bodacious - Paid
    Paul Gilsenan - Paid
    @Rawdon - Paid
    @mcaussie - Paid
    @LCM - Paid
    @cardini - Paid
    @MGM - Paid
    @Martymainframe - Paid
    @JimmyBrownSock - Paid
    @Oz_Pinhead - Paid
    @Wes7 - Paid
    @DAG - Paid

    Not Paid
    @Brett2280 + Naiomi


    @Paul Higginbotham

    Main Event Games List

    This is the preliminary game list for the main events, subject to change.


    AC/DC Bible
    Metallica LE
    Tron LE
    Avengers LE
    Transformers Dec
    Iron Man
    Rollercoaster Tycoon
    Family Guy
    South Park
    Addams Family
    Twilight Zone
    Judge Dredd
    Fish Tales
    Terminator 2
    Dr Who
    Bram Stokers Dracula
    Scared Stiff
    Monster Bash
    Medieval Madness
    Cirqus Voltaire
    No Fear


    Banzai Run
    Swords Of Fury
    Black Knight 2000
    Dr Dude
    Blackwater 100
    Escape From Lost World
    Kings of Steel
    Black Pyramid
    Fly High
    Cosmic Gunfight
    Split Second
    Big Game
    Fireball II
    Star Trek (79)


    Cosmic Princess
    Joker Poker
    El Toro
    Eye of the Tiger
    Centigrade 37
    Triple Strike
    Ski Jump
    Big Show
    Close Encounters
    Haunted House
    Black Hole
    Pink Panther
    Buck Rogers
    Hi Deal
    Hokus Pokus
    Old Chicago

    Side Classics Pump and Dump

    Triple Strike
    High Hand
    Iron Maiden ('82)
    Q*bert's Quest
    Charlie's Angels
    Asteroid Annie
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