One of those, it will probably be this but no, well it's more than likely this but no, well I'll change this piece because there isn't much else to change but no. I'm now to the point of what the fuk is causing this?.

Here's the rundown. It's a Judge Dredd coming up with "Gnd Short Row 2".

I take out all the matrix cables, problem still there so it's a board issue.

Changed U18 and put in a socket. Problem still there.

Probed all pins on the chip to there destinations on the board for continuity, all checked fine.

Checked all associated resistors and caps, all checked out fine.

Changed U13 and put a socket in. problem sill there.

Checked continuity between J208/209 pin 2 to D4, fine, checked between R53 to U18 pin 9, fine, checked U18 pin 14 to R 29, fine. R29 to U13 pin 13, fine. Checked Gnd and +5v on U 18, fine. Checked U13 D6 to U12 and D14 D6, fine.

Checked R 29 5volt, fine. Checked 12v to U 18 pin 3 fine. Checked 12v R54, fine.

Changed R54, 53 and R29 even though they were all within specs. Changed C4.

Well that is what I am up to and still have "Gnd Short Row 2" coming up. What have I missed?. I was going to pull the ASIC but I figure if the problem was on D6 (pin 27) or Switch Row (pin 48) on the ASIC, there will be more than just one row not working correctly.

I'm open to suggestions on this one. Not much I pull the pin on but this one is getting there. I am simply running out of parts to check or change.