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Thread: Atari Star Wars ROM Help!

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    Atari Star Wars ROM Help!

    Hi all,

    So i had a working Atari Star Wars board, and recently added the Vector labs SW/ESB kit. Now game will not fire-up and having a 1K/L ROM error as indicated by the tones on start up. Strangely enough that ROM was removed to fit the Vector labs kit as instructed….. So I’m a little confused.
    Checked all voltages from power brick, AR2 and PCB and all are within range, am i missing something……

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    As a blind guess I would say the socket has failed, these boards have old single wipe sockets and the metal contacts are now very fragile. Fitting the kit may well have stressed or bent the contacts (if the legs/pins are thicker than the ROM) to the point they no longer have any "spring" left in them.

    I've got a Star Wars PCB on the go at the moment and fixing it a bit like playing Whacka-Mole.
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