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Thread: Building MAME Cabinet

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    New Zealand

    Building MAME Cabinet

    Hey. Im Mark from NZ and im building a couple cabinets and have some questions
    1. are there alternatives to having an IPAC to map esc, enter and TAB. trying to eliminate keyboard and mouse.
    2. Some game run on mame32 but not on new version of Mame64 (i think) how can you check which romset i have?
    3. Any good supliers of quality joysticks (the ones I have purchased are okay but not gonna hold up after a lot of use.

    Thanks in advance

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    1. An Ipac is an excellent lag-free device to use for joystick input, and the fact it can be configured and deliver keys as well is a bonus. But it is more expensive. There are cheap joystick encoders like the zero delay encoder, and you can either use a program like joytokey to deliver keystrokes, or rebind the keys you want in MAME. Be warned that other emulators might need joytokey for actual keystrokes.
    3. Yup, lots. Sanwas are general considered to me very nice for fighting games. Semitsu are nice too. Old MCA sticks crop up for sale all the time. And then there's stuff like ParadiseArcadeShop make, or the magsticks from Ultimarc. Those last are meant to be totally indestructible, IIRC. What sticks did you purchase, out of interest?

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    I'd like to think that I sell quality joysticks - there certainly aren't any complaints from my customers about them!

    As @buttersoft has already stated, you can use other encoders, however the cheaper ones tend to be joystick encoders rather than keyboard so you'd need to run a little app called JoyToKey which, as its name suggests, converts joystick inputs to keystrokes. I've used it a number of times and it does the job perfectly well, especially with the Xin-Mo Encoder (which I also happen to sell).

    With MAME, you can choose to use either a 32bit or 64bit build of the same version and they use the same ROMs. It's the version on MAME itself that you need to be concerned about - the latest is v0.206. There is a really useful utility called ClrMAMEPro that you can use to help "align" your ROMs to the version of MAME you intend to use.

    Cheers, Chris

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