I'm REALLY hoping someone hear can give me some useful advice.

I've had my Rockola jukebox for close to a year now and I'd love to see it operational. I'm fairly close but just don't understand the Service Manual.

When I have the jukebox in Operate mode and make a selection everything goes fine right up until the tonearm hits the record. Just prior to touching down everything stops.
If I move the switch the Scan the tonearm touches down and plays he record. Once complete the record is returned to the carousel and all and seems to reset.

Someone mentioned that the Scan switch either bypasses something or completes some circuit which appears to make things look as if they're OK but I just don't know what the problem is.
One other possible hint is that the Reset button in the back of the machine also does nothing.

I have no clue if my issue is related to one of the micro switches or else one of the relays inside the control box.

Does anyone out there with Jukebox experience have any thoughts for me?

Thanks in advance.