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Thread: Australian Arcade Championships - 17th & 18th of August 2019

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    I just wanted to give my personal congratulations to @Barra for winning such a prestigious and awesome event. I missed all of the twitch and live feeds for the action unfortunately but no doubt the tournament was a real cracker with plenty of stories to be told.

    What were your scores for Raiden II and 1942 incidentally? I got so jealous when I saw those two games were in the line-up. Lucky bastards! Ahh well, maybe next year!

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    Well! Its taken a while to digest this (plus I've been dog sick for the last week and a half!)

    Overall I thought the tournament went really well considering it was in its first year. It ran very smoothly without any hiccups at all. I was told the stream was even better than the Kong Off
    But with anything in its first year though I think some tweaks could be made. Most of which we've already discussed with Jon & Jimmy at the time

    -There was a clear divide in the room between which era of games people wanted to play. I think more can be done to force people to go out of their comfort zone and play something they don't like. As an example, I was able to avoid putting a credit in 13 of the 24 games, mostly 90s stuff. I know some of the other guys only played the 90s stuff and liked to avoid the 80s. If we increase the # of qualifying games to say 10 with 5 from each era, I think this will be a more accurate representation of the best overall gamer. Qualifying was super quick so I don't think 10 mandatory games would be too hard to manage within the same timeframe.

    -The way the format worked there was way too much emphasis on being a higher seed after qualifying. This made it next to impossible for someone to come from a lower seed. I know Kibbey had a good suggestion to stagger the picks in the finals so the top 8 get 1 each rather than 2 at a time. This would still put emphasis on being a higher seed but at least top 8 instead of top 2

    -I wasn't a huge fan of the coin flip to decide ties (even though I benefited from it). We should put something in place next year to avoid this, as in this case it actually decided who made it through (if Marc had won the coin flip between us he would have chosen 2/3 games in the semis). I think if people are tied after qualifying ends they should do some sort of showdown. If they aren't still at the venue they're automatically given lower seed? Just spitballing but I definitely think its best to avoid any sort of coin flip scenario out of the gamer's control.

    -Also not a huge fan of the random game chosen to decide the final. In this case it didn't matter but I'd hate for someone to get to the final without a loss and get screwed by the random draw. I know its exciting for the fans but the players know its pretty much decided before anyone chucks a credit in.

    Not trying to be super negative! The tournament as a whole was a massive success and those involved should be super proud. As a player I thought the organisation was really on point. Everyone knew what they were supposed to be doing and when.
    Already excited for next year!!

    Also congrats to everyone for some awesome performances! @Foot for taking the silver medal, @John73 for topping the qualifying ranks and Mike Coolican for knocking him out!! Also special mention to Marc Bell who absolutely crushed the games that he played. He was definitely the king of the 90s there. And of course @Jimmy Nails and @Tanna94 for putting it all together. Amazing stuff lads

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    Barra makes some good points, especially the number of games for qualifying and the selections of games for the finals. The top 4 seeds really have a massive advantage, but I suppose thats the reward for qualifying well, just like in the Masters the top 2 qualifiers not having to play until round 3 of the finals

    Realistically the way to determine the best in qualifying would be to make everyone play every game. Time then becomes an issue.

    The random 5th game in the final may as well be a coin toss, you could be the best player at 99% of the games but through random selection get absolutely shafted. Maybe this game could be one not in the comp but announced before the comp so it can be practiced.Dunno

    Having the 3 Neo Geo games on the one cab made it really hard to get a go at the games in qualifying, especially in the last couple of hours

    John getting knocked out early stuffed my strategy for the game picks. So when I played Mike I knew our 3rd game would be tough as he was good at all the games I thought I had a shot at winning and I’d used the games I would have kept for him. So based on this I thought the way you had to plan your games/ opponents worked well.

    I thought the comp was well run and played in the spirit that it should be. All involved should be proud of how it turned out.

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    I didn't complete as on paper I didn't like the format. Didn't comment as I think ANY comp is a great thing for the hobby and I didn't want to appear negative. In saying that, the way it was run and the fun people had if its on again next year I'll probably give it a go.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Barra View Post
    @John73 for topping the qualifying ranks and Mike Coolican for knocking him out!!
    You told me to tank against Mike and we'd share the prize money - still waiting for my share you arsehole

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