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Thread: 2019 Brisbane Masters & Ekka Events Summary

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    2019 Brisbane Masters & Ekka Events Summary

    Ladies & gentlemen! The Brisbane Pinball & Arcade Collective (BPAC) are proud to officially announce the running of the 5th Annual Brisbane Masters, in conjunction with the 10-day Ekka Showcase.

    This year's event will be held at the beautiful Brisbane Showgrounds during the 10 days of the Royal Brisbane Show. Players who pre-register for events via the Eventbrite links will receive FREE ENTRY to the show on the day of their event(s). (Links will be made available soon).

    Not only will there be a jam packed line-up scheduled at the Showgrounds for the 10-days, there are also a few other events planned in the local area, to give everyone the opportunity to experience some of the best arcade/pinball locations across South East QLD.

    Full IFPA Event Schedule:
    Click on the links below each event for format, times, ticketing & pricing info.

    **Friday 9th August**
    10am-6pm: BM Best Game Qualifying.
    6.30pm: BM Best Game Finals

    Event info:

    **Saturday 10th August**
    10am-6pm: BM Classics Matchplay & Finals
    7pm: BM Classics Frenzy

    Event info:
    Classics Matchplay -
    Classics Frenzy -

    **Sunday 11th August**
    10am: BM Fair Strikes

    Event info:

    **Monday 12th August**
    1pm: Under 16s Double Elimination Comp
    6.30pm: Pincadia Mini Matchplay

    Event info:

    **Tuesday 13th August**
    1pm: Under 16s Double Elimination Comp
    4pm: Brisbane Pinball Club

    Event info:

    **Wednesday 14th August**
    1pm: Under 16s Double Elimination Comp
    6pm: Coolangatta-Tweed Pinball Club

    Event info: (Coming soon)

    **Thursday 15th August**
    10am-6pm: BM Warm Up Qualifying
    6.30pm: BM 3-Strikes

    Event info:
    'Herb' Warm Up -
    3-Strikes -

    **Friday 16th August**
    10am-6pm: BM Warm Up Qualifying (Day 2)
    6.30pm: BM Warm Up Finals

    **Saturday 17th August**
    10am: 2019 Brisbane Masters Qualifying - presented by AMD.

    This event is part of the world 2019 Stern Pro Circuit.

    Event info:
    Stern Pro Circuit info:

    **Sunday 18th August**
    10am: 2019 Brisbane Masters Finals - presented by AMD.
    10am: Brisbane Masters B/C/D Finals - presented by AMD.
    6.30pm: BM Flip Frenzy

    Event info:
    Flip Frenzy -

    Other Events Schedule:

    **Sunday 11th August**
    7pm: Split Flipper Championship

    **Saturday 17th August**
    8pm - Stall Ball Cup

    There are also plans to host Master Classes and Demos throughout the 10 days.

    As you can imagine, an event of this scale will require quite a number of machines for the 10 day duration. We are looking for machine owners who are happy to donate the use of their games for that time. Your machines must have a working coin mech fitted that accepts $1 coins.

    Bump in and out times will be advised soon.

    Games when not used for tournament play will be set to pay-per-play at $1 per game. Breakdown of takings will be as follows:
    * Owners - 50%
    * Ekka - 40%
    * BPAC - 10%
    Owners who provide 2 or more machines will also receive free entry to either the Brisbane Masters or Classics Matchplay event.

    If you are willing to provide any machines for the 10 days, please email Jason Lambert at . We will require a good mix of older Solid State machines, along with the 90s and current DMDs/LCDs

    A list of available machines for the tournaments will be provided closer to the event.

    Jason Lambert -
    Jimmy Nails -
    BPAC committee - (email available soon)

    BPAC website - link available soon
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    Links to each event have now been added (except for Coolangatta Pinball Club event).

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    Hey mates

    Just some updates

    Firstly, if you are not already, please follow the Facebook event page for all news and updates:

    Secondly, the Zipper 10 Day Pinball Pass for the BPAC Showcase tickets go on sale at midday on the 2nd of April. After that, on the 16th, all events will be sold individually via eventbrite.

    The price for the Zipper pass is $300.

    Ticket includes entry in to all IFPA and non-IFPA endorsed pinball events from the 9th to the 18th of August, 10 x Ekka gate entry passes, a Brisbane Masters t-shirt, a limited edition pin and a bunch of other swag provided by our generous sponsors. It's over $350 worth of event entry fees plus all the extras. Lovely lovely day

    Events included in The Zipper Pass are:
    Pump & Dump Pinball Comp
    Classics Target Matchplay
    Classics Flip Frenzy
    10 Strikes Fair Strikes Comp
    Split Flipper World Championships
    3 x U/16 Double Elimination Pinball Comp (IFPA)
    3 x Parent & Child Pinball Comp
    Mini Matchplay at Pincadia
    Brisbane Pinball Club at Netherworld
    Pinball Club at Coollangatta/Tweed Timezone
    BM Herb Pinball Event
    BM 3 Strikes Comp
    QUEENS-Land Women's Pinball Championship
    BM Herb Finals
    BM Random Teams Side Comp
    Brisbane Pinball Masters Qualifying
    Stall Ball Cup
    Brisbane Pinball Masters Finals
    BM Closing Party Flip Frenzy

    Ticket link below

    Massive thanks to our major sponsors Hutchinson Builders

    On the 2nd of April we will have full website going live also. Will do another post in a day or two about who and what BPAC is.

    Thanks mates


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