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Thread: Unusual Cabinet - Conversion

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    Unusual Cabinet - Conversion

    Well I grabbed this cabinet off @dragonlee over 2 years ago. Initially is was running Taito X boardset with Raiden V (I think) but this was problematic so I went with the Pandora "King Of Air" 51 in 1 board, which looks amazing on the LCD. Unfortunately the cabinet whilst certainly unique with the colour's and lights, was not comfortable to use with the round CP, nor suited to the games.

    So with that thought, it was time to sort it out. The Round CP came off with the help of an angle grinder and a new CP is in the process of being built. @stuzza has designed some new suitable artwork and also prepped the new CP after I cut and built the basic box. Have had the plastic cut for the new Marquee and for the top of the control panel.

    When Adelaide cool's down I will drill the holes in the plastic and mount the CP top to the base and the base to the machine.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Here's a sample of the Marquee from @stuzza
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