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Thread: Wonder Boy Cocktail mode issue

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    Wonder Boy Cocktail mode issue

    Hi All.

    Was playing my Hankin re-make, which I have a dedicated PC running Cocaktail games only.

    Decided to play 2 player with my son, only to see that for the 2nd player, the sprites are all sunken halfway down the scenery, making it almost impossible to lplay.

    i could not find anything on this issue.
    I'm using rom set 0.199

    Image shows the issue, anyone had this before or know a fix for this?

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    I just tried it on my PC with MAME and it does the same thing, so it must be an issue with MAME or the ROM when it flips for the second player in cocktail mode. If you set the 'cabinet' dipswitch to 'upright' the image wont flip, but will display correctly, and player 2 can play on the same side with player 1 controls.

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