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Thread: 42" 28" 19" build

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    Backglass assembled

    Made some more progress on the build. It will all come to a stop for a while as I am of too work for a week or so.

    The backglass is all put together and the 2 monitors are all secured nicely inside.
    I am waiting on some t-moulding. Once I get that I can pull it apart again and cut the slots.
    I have to mount the back doors on the backglass and cut some access holes and mounting holes.

    I made a very rough wooden lockdown bar. It still need more work to accommodate the side rails I got from Jeff at Railways. Thanks Jeff. His rails look awesome.
    I am also going to shape the lockdown bar a bit, I left heaps of meat on the front and sides to be able to shape it with a rasp etc.


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    Good start on your lockdown - looks rather bulky at the moment but no doubt that will change.

    Are you putting speakers in the backbox alongside the lower monitor? That would be the place for them IMO and if so, I reckon rectangular holes for them will some sort of custom grille inserted in from behind would complete the look and may help the backbox to not look so tall. Again it will all look completely different once it's all finished off.

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    I shaped my timber lockdown bar using a random orbital sander. Did a pretty good job imo.


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