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Thread: SPACE 1999 (Tests of the v1 system boardset)

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    Quote Originally Posted by thegrunta666 View Post
    So where in the program have you got the initial full power to enegrise the coil ? I see you then go to PWM to then give it the hold voltage.
    C0 high
    pause 35
    C0 low

    The circuit doesnt represent time its just showing what the pins do..

    C2 is constantly running +
    C1 is the switch C3 activated -
    C0 is the initial full power pulse +

    C2 is running non stop into + side of the opto in.
    When C3 ( flipper button pressed ) C1 energizes the negative of the opto in( 250ns of hold power)
    250ns later a 35 millisecond positive pulse from C0 goes to the + of the opto in( 35 milliseconds full power)
    While C3 remains on....
    outputs C1 and C2 keep the flipper in a hold PWM condition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toads View Post
    TNA uses a similar idea to pulse the flipper coils as well.
    So no EOS required.
    Scott wasn't very happy with the result and said he would go back to an EOS switch next time.
    Will be interesting to see the end result with yours.
    I dont like idea of running the pulse width modulator off the main cpu either.
    Those flippers in TNA get really hot

    I have tested my design with on times of 3 minutes + with luke warm results.
    To test this I also have the left flipper with NO EOS and right flipper with EOS to compare results.
    I'm sick of end of stroke switches in flippers so Ill probably just stick with
    the PWM system and perfect it rather than capitulate.
    There are endless variables to try before throwing in the towel...
    Mark space ratios , on times , frequency , fets , transistors etc...
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