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Thread: Williams AZTEC

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    Williams AZTEC

    Just a minor restore on a 1976 Williams Aztec em.

    pf1.jpg pf2.jpg pf3.jpg

    New rubbers, Bumper skirts, Flipper kits and coils, Plastics flattened and all insert black circles touched up with the good old sharpie pen.

    spin1.jpg spin1a.jpg

    spin2.jpg spin3.jpg

    Spinner decals were missing - made up some new ones.

    reel1.jpg reel2.jpg

    reel3.jpg reel4.jpg

    reel5.jpg reel6.jpg

    Dummy score reels were faded - made up some new decals
    Back glass reasonable for age - touched up the white score sections with a white sharpie paint pen.

    cab1.jpg cab2.jpg

    Cabinet has been repainted and is in pretty good nick - left as is


    Coin door cleaned up - just waiting on new coin plate inserts.

    final1.jpg final2.jpg final3.jpg

    final4.jpg final6.jpg final7.jpg

    final8.jpg final9.jpg

    Quite happy how it cleaned up and plays well.

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