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    Thread: Sega rally 1995 and CgmPut ERROR [sa_3_0]:[6553]

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      Sega rally 1995 and CgmPut ERROR [sa_3_0]:[6553]

      Problem with sega Rally 1995 arcade one seater.
      Hey all i am new member from Finland
      The problem is that the game does not agree to download the fourth stage but freezes to the third special stage finish.
      the screen will read CgmPut ERROR [sa_3_0]:[6553] and the game will work normally until then.

      Is there any idea of where the bug is and what would it start to look at?
      One older topic can be found with the same error code but I'm not an electrician myself, and even English is bad so I do not really understand all of it


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      Nice looking Sega Rally deluxe.

      I have the same one, though missing the rear projection screen and the topper glass/pexiglass.
      Not sure if I have that issue as I never get to the forth stage.

      The other thread say @Jomac is the guru and help fixed the other issue. Should be able to find contact info in the sponsor section or direct message.


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      This exact question and exact solution is already in the other thread you refer to, it even has a picture so not sure how it could be made any easier?

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