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Thread: Daphne Challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rat View Post
    JPAC joystick directions = keyboard arrows so no characters in notepad, joystick works fine in mame on cab. I copied and paste your controls into the daphne controls .ini (forgot what's it's called without looking) and then the game wouldn't even boot, restore the .ini to default and it does. The only person I have found that was able to fix joystick issues actually changed the orientation of this joystick physically which I don't want to do.

    Have you been able to get the score overlay to display on an arcade monitor at 640x480 ?
    yes mate, running at 640x480 on a CRT and with score overlay on. I've not had any joystick issues.

    Assuming you've tried re-defining the controls with the Daphne config app ?

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    Can we also add in some Singe??
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