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Thread: Daytona USA - Netherworld Speedway

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    Daytona USA - Netherworld Speedway


    Rev your engine and put the pedal to the metal – the Netherworld Speedway is hosting our second Daytona Cup! Over one single competitive Sunday, we’ll be holding a variety of Daytona tournaments with qualifying happening across all tracks on time attack mode.

    $10 gets you a Netherworld Speedway enamel pin and 3 tokens to kick your racing into gear. Extra attempts will be allowed.

    Qualifying happens from 10am to 4pm with the top 8 from each track going into the finals from 4pm.

    The finals (in head to head mode) will be separated into Beginner, Advanced and Expert races with prizes awarded to the top 3 drivers on each track.

    For a little overtime, the top four overall participants with the highest points across all tracks earn a chance to compete in a one off Grand Prix mode on the advanced stage for ultimate glory.

    Grab advance tickets via:

    Sunday the 30th of September from 10am!
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    This weekend mates. 4 cabs on site now and playing great for practice.

    Will live stream all day Sunday via the Netherworld Arcade Twitch stream

    Format below:

    • Players will complete all qualifying attempts in ‘Time Attack Mode’
    • Players to record their fastest lap for each track and have it signed off by an official
    • Top 8 fastest lap times on each track to compete in finals from 4pm

    • Top 8 from each track split in two groups (1,2,7,8 & 3,4,5,6)
    • Groups to compete in best of three races
    o normal Daytona settings including auto catch up or rubber banding
    o highest seed to choose cab first, second seed chooses second etc
    o for subsequent races the person who finished last chooses first
    o 7-5-3-1 scoring
    o top two from each group through to finals

    • Top 4 final a best of 3 races
    o same rules as above

    Bonus Lap:
    Top four with highest points after all finals earn chance to compete in a series of Grand Prix and Endurance Mode races

    Will open doors from 10am for people to start posting qualifying times.


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