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Thread: Gotlieb Funland

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinballer View Post
    Looking good Rob. Do you use a tumbler for polishing the metal parts? If so, what do you put in yours? Walnut and some form of liquid polish?
    Hey Stu
    No I donít use a tumbler but to buy one is high on my priorities especially if I keep doing these restorations, and for my polishing so far Iíve been doing it the hard way by hand using autosol metal polish that you can get from Bunnings and I also use some buffing attachments in my cordless drill with pretty good results.
    I admit itís not the easiest way or probably not the most effective way but Iíve just been try to use what I have on hand.

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    Putting out the feelers for my next early Gotlieb project

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    Looking great Rob. A labour of love going on there

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