The format for this tournament at Amusement Worx is group matchplay.

All the comp information is on the IFPA calendar and also on the Amusement Worx Facebook page. I have also included the information below.

Registration and warm-up starts at 5.45 and the comp itself starts at 6.35.

Any questions at all let me know and I will get back to you asap.

PLEASE NOTE: This group matchplay tournament has been registered with the usual 4 rounds of 3 matches. From now on there will be a cut-off time for starting the fourth round. If the third round is still in progress at 10.00, the fourth round will not be played and the tournament will end after the third round. The machines will then be on free-play until 10.30. This will be implemented to keep the evening from running too late.

Tuesday September 11th.

1. Registration and warm up 5.45-6.30 sharp.
2. Information and questions from players 6.30-6.35.
3. Tournament: 6.35-10.00.
4. We are running a group match play tournament using matchplay events.
5. There will probably be 12-14 machines in use on the night.
6. Simon is not obliged to tell players which machines will be used prior to the tournament day.
7. Players will be grouped in fours and if necessary groups of threes. There will be four separate rounds of three matches. This means every player will play twelve matches in total.
8. In each round each group will play a single game on three different machines and allocated points according to their finishing position; 7/5/3/1 for four player groups and 7/4/1 for three players groups. This is the IFPA system of scoring.
9. For the first round, grouping will be based on IFPA rankings.
10. After the first round groupings will be balanced.
11. At the close of the fourth round, the player with the highest points score will be declared the tournament winner.
12. Ties will be broken by the number of first place finishes, then by the number of second place finishes, and finally, if necessary, a single game play-off.
13. Entry fee: $25.
14. On the night players should have their IFPA # ready, to save time. Just Google IFPA and your name to get your # if you have one.
15. For players who want more practice, they can attend the Friday lock-ins at Amusement Worx. Check dates on the Amusement Worx Facebook page.

1. TOURNAMENT NAME: Amusement Worx Group Matchplay Tournament.
2. DATE: September 11th at Amusement Worx 285-287 Torrens Road West Croydon 5008 SA.
3. EVENT: Main.
6. TGP: 24.
8. FORMAT: Group match play.
1) Seeding: IFPA.
2) First round pairing: Slaughter.
3) General pairing: Balanced - Players will be randomly paired with previously unfaced opponents.
4) Player order: Rotating - Random order for the first game, then rotates player order evenly.
5) Scoring system: IFPA (7/5/3/1) (7/4/1).
6) Arena draws: Balanced - Attempts will be made to assign an arena that has been played the fewest times by all opponents.
7) Duration: Four rounds.
8) Matches each round: Three matches.
9) Tiebreaker: Ties will be broken by the number of first place finishes, then by the number of second place finishes and finally, if necessary, a single game play-off.