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    Thread: Melbourne Matchplay, 11-14 October 2018

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      Melbourne Matchplay, 11-14 October 2018

      The fourth annual Melbourne Matchplay Pinball Championship will take place on October 11-14 at the Argonauts Arcade, upstairs at the Golden Fleece Hotel in South Melbourne.

      The main event will use a Target Matchplay format. The goal is to get to 50 points. The first 16 players to reach this target qualify for the finals.

      The Greg Berry Junior Cup for under-16s is back for another year, and there will also be three open side tournaments. There are trophies for the top 4 and cash prizes for the top 10 in each open event.

      All tournaments endorsed by the International Flipper Pinball Association. All participants will receive World Pinball Player Rankings points.


      Event #1 - Thursday 11/10 7:00pm - Keefer Strikes ($20 entry)

      The hot new format on the block. 4-player groups. 0 strikes for 1st, 1 strike for 2nd/3rd, 2 strikes for last. Players are eliminated after taking 6 strikes.

      Event #2 - Friday 12/10 12:00pm - Argonauts Pinball Open ($25 entry)

      Single-player qualifying, open from 12pm-8:45pm. Each player plays their choice of 15 machines. Players are encouraged to get their games in as early as possible to avoid any late rush, though I expect anyone arriving by 6:30pm should be able to get through their games in time. 100-97-95-94... scoring on each machine. Top 20 players advance to finals at 9pm. The finals will use a head-to-head strikes format. Players will receive a different number of lives depending on their qualifying position: 1st-2nd: 5 lives; 3rd-6th: 4 lives; 7th-12th: 3 lives; 13th-20th: 2 lives.

      Event #3 - Saturday 12:00pm - Melbourne Matchplay Championship ($40 entry)

      Target Matchplay, in randomly assigned 4-player groups. 7-4-2-0 scoring (7-3-0 in any 3-player groups). The first 16 players to reach or surpass 50 points qualify for the finals. Once players reach the target, they no longer participate in qualifying. Groups will be redrawn after every match.

      The first player to reach 50 points will be asked to choose a bank of machines, which will be removed from the Melbourne Matchplay Championship Finals, and used in the Greg Berry Junior Cup.

      Finals will commence at 10:30am on Sunday. 3 rounds of finals in 4-player groups.
      Round 1: A.1v8v9v16 B.2v7v10v15 C.3v6v11v14 D.4v5v12v13
      Round 2: E.A1vB2vC2vD1 F.A2vB1vC1vD2
      Grand Final: E1vE2vF1vF2

      4 games per round on 4 different machines. 7-4-2-0 scoring.
      Top two from each group in rounds 1 and 2 advance to the next round. In round 1, the top qualifier in each group gets to "drive the bus", i.e. gets choice of machine or playing position for each game.
      In later rounds, the two players in each group who advanced by winning their group in the previous round get two game/position choices each.

      There will be free practice sessions from 11am-12pm on Saturday, and 10am-10:30am on Sunday.

      Event #4 - Saturday 8:00pm - Stall Ball ($15 entry)

      The Pinburgh sensation comes to Melbourne Matchplay! Rules here: http://stallball.club
      4-strikes tournament in 4-player groups. 2nd/3rd/4th all take a strike.

      Event #5 - Sunday 1:00pm - Greg Berry Junior Cup. Free entry. Under 16s only.

      Each player will play a single-player qualifying game on each of four machines, followed by best-of-3 semi finals (1v4, 2v3) and finals.
      Medals for all players, and trophies for the top 3.


      Registration is now open! Payment can be made in cash to Luke at any tournament in Melbourne, or via bank transfer. Players are also welcome to register and pay on the day, subject to capacity.

      Acct name: Luke Marburg
      Bank: ING
      BSB: 923100
      Acct number: 32889773

      If paying by bank transfer, please include your name and the number(s) of the event(s) you wish to register for in the reference field.
      Players who provide a pinball machine for the competition will be given a free entry into Event #3 .

      100% of entry fees returned as cash prizes and trophies.
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      Nice formats!

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      Spewing. I'm working the Thursday and on a course Saturday and Sunday so I'll have to give the whole thing a miss this year.

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      Tiger have a sale on flights during this time... it's on now and finishes midnight Sunday. $95 BNE to MELB

      Oh yeah... I'm in for all events!

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      As luck would have it, I need to be in Melbourne for work the following week. Hope to get to some of it and catch up with the southern crew

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      Looks good! Off to check flights

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      For those booking flights from interstate: we're starting the finals earlier this year; I guarantee it'll all be over by 6pm on Sunday.

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