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Thread: MGLXXXVI - Game 3 ~ Crazy Kong (closes 22-July)

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    I've just spent the last half hour trying to sprint through, knowing that since I'll need over an hour to beat my last score, I'm running out of time before 7pm! And all that I'm doing is playing a bunch of rubbish.
    So I'm just going to chill out, and play properly now, even if it misses the deadline.

    Well played everyone, some great scores, and at least I can say I beat my old PB three times during this MGL! Now for that KS...

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    Participation score in the nick of time.
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    Day 17 of 17.

    Score submissions for Game 3 - Crazy Kong are now closed.

    Final Results ...

    Well what great results … so many gamers learned to play Crazy Kong really well, that they seem to enjoy this game and their progress.
    From 11th to 20th place and scoring from 445K down to 232K, 10 gamers gave it to Kong in terencew, creech, Fliplismc, bigredbird, Foot, Pudwald, D. B. Cooper, RMacauley, SMK and spectre.

    Then another group played exceptionally well, where some even achieved a kill screen, from 599K to 528K, in kane, CrazyKongFan, Ivanstorm1973, Duaber, QAOP Spaceman, Ozfodder, redelf, DaLar and John73. That's from 2nd place to 10th place. And it’s worth repeating again, all these gamers scored over 500K. Absolutely fantastic.

    Congratulations to Andrew Barrow for winning Game 3, scoring a mighty 629,400 points for a World Number 2 score. Now that’s very impressive. Well played Andrew!

    Game 4 Jumping Jack and Game 5 Future Spy are both currently in play … a jump and shoot combo.

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    I’m really happy to have come in third here even if it’s from the bottom!

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