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Thread: Shipping from USA - Tax

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    Quote Originally Posted by David_AVD View Post
    Not sure what you mean by "the GST (if applicable) is calculated" ? Some Aussie eBay sellers will be charging GST and others won't (same as outside of eBay). As far as I can see eBay is not interfering in that part of the process. I guess they could be asking Aussie sellers if they are registered for GST for reporting purposes, but I've not been asked in that context.
    Apparently $75k sales Ebay requires an ABN to be listed with them on their system, below that they leave it upto the Smaller businesses todo the right thing on their own.
    But allot of Aus sellers would already have the GST included in their listing price, I do that when I sell from my business on ebay. So Id say most buyers who bought from local Ebay businesses wouldn't even know they were paying GST on their purchase as in most cases the listing price would be GST inclusive, unlike overseas listings where its Exc GST

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinballaddicted View Post
    I am waiting for some stuff now from the states. Purchased before the new tax date, still not delivered yet. Lets see what happens

    Shipito is listed as a GST collection point same as ebay so anything you buy through them should make it to the delivery address no issues.

    There is nothing we can do about it so we will just have to suck it up!
    Our stuff arrived yesterday no issues. Was delivered to our door as per normal.

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    Purchased some stuff this week and had it sent to Shipito, got stung the GST based on what I declared on the declaration.

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