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Thread: Asteroids

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rat View Post
    Fantastic achievement Hamod well done

    I am also a big fan of Asteroids and it was in fact the first dedicated arcade game I bought about 8 years ago, I decided on Asteroids after playing many original arcade games at the GameOn exhibition that came to Launceston around that time.
    I had been playing mame since it's early days and was happy with that and didn't see the need to have any dedicated cabs, but after much thought I decided to buy Asteroids as vector games just don't look as good with mame and having the correct controls is important also.
    I was initially worried that I would quickly get too good at Asteroids and be able to clock it and get bored, I was very wrong, I played and played and could not even crack 100k, from memory my high is about 70k

    I would be very interested in your video and tips, but I don't think it would really help me, who knows perhaps I might get inspired to have another crack at it.

    Later I bought a Space Duel cocktail and a Defender upright, I have my Defender and Asteroids next to each other just like yours. I bought those for the same reasons, dedicated controls and better on original cab than mame. Defender has become my most favorite video game ever

    I remembered watching a kid clock Defender in the 80s and was in awe of his skills. I played my cab for hours and hours each week for about 18 months until I clocked it at default settings which is my best video game achievement ever.

    If you are going to try for 1mill on Defender next I would recommend joining the Williams Defender Players Unite facebook group, plenty of awesome players and even some of the game developers in the group.

    Here is a video I made of one of my games, mostly to have my own record of it, I just used my phone sitting on a small tripod next to me, I would not use this as a training video there are players with much better technique for that. Since the video I have changed my style of play and try to save as many humanoids as I can, I enjoy playing that way more, but killing them off is safer.
    HI Rat. Whem I was 16 I clocked Defender regularly, and one time got 3.5 million and only stopped because somebody stole my 10 speed racer from out the front of the milk bar. It took me at least 30 minutes to destroy all my ships and smart bombs, I was so far ahead. Who knows how much I would have got to. It seems to average out to 1 hour per million. Also I wasn't one of these people who held there men while flying along, or try and destroy there land on purpose, I didn't know any of that back then? On Packman we worked out patterns over time to advance ourselves to get to the keys easier. Back then we had new machines coming along what seemed to be monthly and once we got good at something, we moved on. I haven't played my Defender for a couple of years because it hasn't worked. To busy with pinball machines, but will get back, but when I was playing, struggled to get over 100k? Either too old, too much alcohol, or no practise? Who knows, but would like to be good again and also want that Asteroids next to it too. Another must have for me. I'm 53, so thats the right age to know all these wonderful pinball and arcade machines. Thanks, Wazza.
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    Great collection and some great scores. Thanks for sharing

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    Wanted: Pacman Cab Next Project: Skinny MAME Cab for Samfoot, thread soon, no really. I might even do one on my Pole Position cab!

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    Hi Guys,
    In between world cup soccer watching I played a few games to a million this week...
    I kept going last night to 3.3mill (7 hours worth), as i have a new machine coming soon so this will sit idle shortly
    Lucky my wife quickly videoed me around 1.6million, I missed kids bedtime - (bad dad)
    and I did the final at 3million. 50+ ships across the screen...
    check it out!

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    Did well to get to that score congrats

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