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Thread: VPGL10 Game 10 Abra ca dabra (closes 20 May)

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    VPGL10 Game 10 Abra ca dabra (closes 20 May)

    The last game in this league is Abra ca dabra, an oldie but a goodie

    This table will run for two weeks days and will close midnight Sunday May 20

    It is an honesty system, please only post high scores that’s you have got since March 2018, please ignore your previous high scores, we are only playing for fun.

    This comp is for VPX or VP9 Originals only

    Assuming you are using VPX please post your score with a note if you are using VP9

    Default is 5 balls, so lets play this as a 5 ball table

    Scores will be updated in this post.

    Jed 311,260 - VP9
    Bishop 256,570 vp9
    Dedrok 187,520
    Wob 180,770
    Kane 175,270
    MrBungle 156,810
    Jed 155,110
    Capp 130,310
    Skids 117,590
    JustAnotherRat 106,360
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