The 2nd Annual Australian Women's Pinball Championship comes to Coolangatta once again as part of the Timezone Cooly Classic. Last year's inaugural event saw 21 ladies battle it out for their opportunity to become the first Australian Women's Champion, and with Women's Pinball on the rise in the country, we are anticipating even more players for this year's event. The defending champion is Esther Ahronheim @adania , who will be in attendance for the 2018 edition.

The format is designed and set up to suit players of all ages and abilities. Everyone gets a guaranteed 10 games each, with the Top 8 players advancing to finals. The format is as follows:

Players will be able to pre-register or register on the night from 6pm.
Qualifying will start from 6.30pm, and we may consider late arrivals to join in until around 7-7.30pm. There will be no cap on the number of players in the event.

* All players will play 10 games, with scoring on each machine to be ranked highest to lowest. Number of machines TBA.
* Points will be awarded for each game 100/99/98... etc.
* The top 8 points winners will advance to the finals.
* Ties for 8th place will be broken by a single game playoff on a machine chosen at random

* Top 8 players will be split into 2 groups of 4 according to their qualifying placing. Groups will be split as follows - seeds 1,4,5,8 and seeds 2,3,6,7.
* Each group will play 3 games using the IFPA Match Play scoring (7/5/3/1). Top 2 point scorers in each group will advance to the next round.
* Final group of 4 players will play a further 5 games together, continuing with the IFPA Match Play scoring. Points will NOT carry over.
* The winner will be the player with the most points during the final round of 5 games. Ties for any placings will be broken by a single playoff on a machine chosen at random.

Entry for this event is $20, and there are some fabulous cash & prizes up for grabs.

Registered players so far:
1. Hollie Mills (Paid)
2. Melissa Geeves
3. Esther Ahronheim
4. Naomi Goodwin
5. Vicki Wills
6. Dannii Mezgec
7. Michelle Clark
8. Emily Cosson
9. Lisa Conroy
10. Jessica Lea Denardo
11. Sarah Bishop
12. Tanya Lowe

Hope to see you all on the Gold Coast in May!

Lambo, Hollie & Peter