So I'm looking to add LED Magna Save buttons to my Vpin but looking at the DOF Config Tool Magna Saves are a RGB setup only. Has anyone played wit the idea of converting a monochrome LED push button to an RGB LED? It look like a relatively simple exercise for a microswitch LED button (ie remove the mono LED and solder up RBG signal wires to the RBG terminals then run off to the PACLed64 outputs but what about a Leaf Spring LED button? I'm imagining it's a similar process but what size LED to use, should it be a flat square one similar to LED strip lighting or is a standard bulb shape RGB LED going to fit?

Also does anyone have an idea of how to get to the LED in a leaf spring button?

I'm only looking at the leaf spring option because there's not a whole lot of room between my cab and the TV screen where the Magna Save button is currently located so saving space is essential.