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Thread: VPGL10 Game 1 Williams Diner (finished)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bishop83 View Post
    haha yea iv noticed if I play and not worry about going for something I usually get a better score as soon as I start going for something I just go backwards to I'm sure this tournament will definetly start bringing up higher scores for me and better skills just like the MGL has for me and I'm really loving this tournament and how everyone is really helpful and supportive
    The MGL has their rule that help isn't to be given until the second week... in the VPGL it's easier going with help whenever

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustAnotherRat View Post
    .... the weird thing is I often get a good score first or second game and then as I work things out my score goes backwards as my ability isn't good enough to hit the shots I am aiming for... others can hit the shots consistently.
    Same. my Best score came first game, and didn't play it too much after that, just a couple more tries and couldn't do any better.

    The feeling starting a game of Diner gave me was kind of like lining up at the City to Surf... knowing you got a long haul ahead

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    You definitely had to go left ramp over and over, get xtra ball and max out dinetime.
    Then start multi ball to make it easier getting the diners loaded to lite dinetime then bam 12m from dinetime.
    Rinse and repeat

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