Hi there,
just joined so not sure if im in the right section, but thanks in advance if anyone knows the answer to this
I have a Jamma 1050 games table that ive had for several years when all of a sudden I cant start selected games. The 1 player button is operational because its used to select games from the main menu and is also held on for 8 seconds to revert back from a game back to the main menu - so I know it works. It is in free credits mode although it does have a coin slot that has never been used and I am able to give it credits. I havnt touched any dip switches or anything really so a bit puzzled.
There are controls from the side and the ends of the table but none are able to launch the game. Another strange thing was I was able to launch a few games but not all (more not able to)
I removed the motherboard and disconnected/reconnected all the plugs I could get to , pretty much all of them and rebooted but the same problem still there.
Any ideas anyone? thanks again in advance