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Thread: MGL 32 - Scoreboard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jed View Post
    wow! a perfect score for 10 yard. That's awesome!

    On another unrelated note. @OOO it would be cool to have views, thoughts, and reccomendations from the winner, and best player in the AA MGL DaLar on this site where everyone could benefit from such an amazing all round gamer... Is there a language barrier or some other reason why he doesn't post scores or otherwise participate on AA ?

    Just curious, no biggie. The CAG format is a very inclusive one and very successful given the engagement of players in MGL's nowadays
    I thought I would wait a bit to see if anything is posted by DaLar at TG. Not yet and I agree it would be great if he provided some feedback after a great and close win at TG. I am guessing language could be a problem yet his gaming is awesome.

    I also wanted to thank all of you in this MGL for the great communication and posts made throughout the whole tournament. I always thought there was so much talent, enthusiasm and intelligence out there that one day everyone would show it in their posts, so that is awesome. And again, without each one of you there would not be an exciting and engaging competition. You are the magic here! ... and the games of course!

    Get ready for MGLXXXIII ... promo is up this Saturday! Then it will be hell breaking loose on the following Friday.


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    @OOO thank you again as always for organizing a great tourney.

    Congrats to DaLar, magrinder and Barra for your awesome scores and efforts.

    Im happy that I completed my goal I challenged myself with from the last season to get in the top 10....JUST! haha!

    Shinobi, 10 Yard and Rainbow Islands were my favs but really enjoyed trying to master Circus Charlie...great pick!

    Cant wait for the next season


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    Big thanks to OOO as always. Congrats to the winners, and thank you participants. I can't express enough how much I enjoy participating in the MGL. It's always interesting to see what games are picked and of course the reactions. Great competition, the banter is always helpful and obviously enjoy the humor. And of course, thanks to Mr. Do, even though you weren't in this tourney I still want to thank you. Thank you to littlebigredbird for sharing your wonderful drawings of magrinder and barra.

    Already coming up with nominees for the next. Cheers, and see you then.


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