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    Thread: 2017 Brisbane Masters

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      2017 Brisbane Masters

      We're still working on this for 2017, but save the date folks:
      Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd July, 2017.
      Already up and registered on IFPA site.

      There will be a side comp or two like last year, but will confirm at a later date.


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      I'm in! I don't need all of the details! Plus I wanted to be first to say it! Cheers Matt H

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      Welcome to the running of the 3rd Annual Brisbane Masters event, to be held on Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd July, 2017. @Jimmi Nails & I are looking forward to the biggest edition of this event, including not one, not two, but THREE side comps on top of the Main Event to be held over the course of the weekend.


      THE VENUE:

      The Mill on Constance. 111 Constance St, Fortitude Valley, 4006. https://www.themillonconstance.com/
      Approx. 5-10 walk from Fortitude Valley train station and Netherworld.

      We have our own private room & bar for the weekend.


      DATES & TIMES:

      Friday 21st July
      7pm-11pm: 4-player 3-strikes comp @ 7pm

      Saturday 22nd July
      9am: Brisbane Masters qualifying, 6 rounds
      8pm: 3 Hour Flip Frenzy event @ completion of Masters qualifying (starting time may change slightly depending on finishing time of Masters qualifying.)

      Sunday 23rd July
      9am: Brisbane Masters finals, 5 rounds
      5pm: 3 Hour Flip Frenzy event @ completion of Masters final (starting time may change slightly depending on finishing time of Masters finals.)



      3 STRIKES

      Players will be able to pre-register, or register on the night from 6pm
      The tournament will start at 6.30pm and due to the nature of this type of event, late players won't be able to join.

      This event will be contested in 4 player groups, with groups to be chosen at random.
      3rd & 4th players in each game will earn a strike.
      Players will be eliminated from the tournament when they have gained 3 strikes.

      Cash prizes will be awarded for the Top 3 placings in this event.



      Qualifying will start at 9.30am on Saturday 22nd July. All 6 rounds will be played on Saturday. Anticipated finish time on Saturday will be approx. 7.30pm.
      Finals on Sunday will commence at 9.30am and should be finished by around 4-5pm.

      At this stage, we will not be putting a cap on numbers for this event, but if the number of players exceeds the number of machines available, then we may need to introduce one at a later date.


      * Once all participants are finalized, all players will be seeded based on their IFPA rankings position as of 30/6/2016.
      * The games chosen will be based on what is available at the Venue. (minimum 16 machines, list available soon)
      * Qualifying will be played similar to the IFPA World Format.

      Players will be placed into groups of 4 once the seedings have been completed. (4 player games)
      Each group will be assigned 3 games at random. Each game has the same points ... 7 for 1st, 5 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, 1 for 4th

      First round groupings are as follows: (based on 68 players)
      1,34,35,68 .... 2,33,36,67 .... 3,32,37,66 .... 4,31,38,65 .... 5,30,39,64 .... 6,29,40,63 .... 7,28,41,62 .... 8,27,42,61 .... 9,26,43,60 ....
      10,25,44,59 .... 11,24,45,58 .... 12,23,46,57 .... 13,22,47,56 .... 14,21,48,55 .... 15,20,49,54 …. 16,19,50,53 .... 17,18,51,52

      From then on, groupings are determined from the scoring thereafter as follows:
      1,2,3,4 .... 5,6,7,8 .... 9,10,11,12 .... 13,14,15,16 .... 17,18,19,20 .... 21,22,23,24 .... 25,26,27,28 .... 29,30,31,32
      33,34,35,36 .... 37,38,39,40 .... 41,42,43,44 .... 45,46,47,48 .... 49,50,51,52 .... 53,54,55,56 .... 57,58,59,60 …. 61,62,63,64 .... 65,66,67,68

      All games will be played as a 4-player game (unless machine is unable to allow it).
      Highest placed seed will get to choose their play order for their first match and so on, until all 4 players have chosen.
      The following 2 matches will see the person with the lowest score in the previous game choosing their play order first, until all 4 players have chosen.

      There will be 6 qualifying rounds (18 games per player). The top 24 players will advance to the Finals on Sunday afternoon.
      Ties for any placings in the Top 24 will be determined by a single game playoff, on a machine chosen at random.


      Round One: (24 players remaining)
      * Top 4 finalists are awarded a bye.
      * Best-of-3 game head to head matches according to final seedings. Highest seed for each match chooses play order for their game (play order reverses for each subsequent game)
      * Matches are determined as follows: 5 vs 24, 6 vs 23, 7 vs 22, 8 vs 21, 9 vs 20, 10 vs 19, 11 vs 18, 12 vs 17, 13 vs 16, 14 vs 15.
      * The 10 Winners advance to Round 2.

      Round Two: (14 players remaining)
      * Top 2 are awarded another bye, 3rd & 4th seeds now join in.
      * Best-of 3 game head to head matches according to seedings of remaining players
      * Same as Round 1, with highest seed playing lowest seed, and so on. Same again for choice of machine & order of play.
      * The 6 winners advance to Round 3.

      Round Three: (8 players remaining)
      * 1st & 2nd seed now join in.
      * Same format (best of 3 games, etc) as Round 2 above.
      * The 4 winners advance to Round 4.
      (If 1st place was to be knocked out here, the lowest they could finish is 5th)

      Round Four: (4 players remaining)
      * Same format (best of 3 games, etc) as Round 2 above.
      * The 2 winners advance to the Grand Final, while the 2 other players will playoff for 3rd place.

      3rd Place Playoff:
      * Best of 3 game head to head series, same format as above to determine winner of 3rd place.

      Grand Final:
      * The 2 remaining players will play a best of 5-game series, same format above, to determine the tournament winner.

      There will be loads of cash & prizes up for grabs for the Brisbane Masters,
      including trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, awards for Highest Placed Female player, Highest placed Local player missing out on finals, Highest score on each machine during qualifying.
      Cash will be awarded for the Top 8 finalists.



      There will be 2 Flip Frenzy events during the weekend. Please check above for days & times.
      The format for both Flip Frenzy events will be exactly the same.

      All players are entered into a random draw, with 2 players drawn to play each available machine. First name chosen is the player 1. The rest of the players are placed in one central queue.

      When a game is completed:
      - The loser stays on the same machine, unless they have lost twice in a row, in which case the winner stays on.
      - The player leaving the machine moves to the back of the queue.
      - The player staying on the machine plays in the same position (P1/P2) as they played in the previous game.
      - The player at the front of the queue moves up to play the player staying on.

      At the end of three hours, no more games may start. The winner is the player with the most games won. Ties are broken by fewest losses.

      At this stage, we will not be putting a cap on the event, however if it looks like we will end up with lots of players, we may need to introduce one at a later date.
      Late players are still welcome to attend and join in, but you will be games behind everyone else.



      * No shirt - $60 entry
      * Pre-order shirt included - $70 entry

      SIDE COMPS (Frenzy, 3 Strikes)
      * All comps $20 each

      * $115 entry
      Includes entry into all 4 events plus Brisbane Masters shirt (save $15)

      BRISBANE MASTERS SHIRTS (not pre-ordered)
      * $15 each - will be available throughout the weekend and after the event.



      * Players will need to pre-register for any event via the tournament director emails, via Aussie Arcade PM, Facebook, or in person Jason - dj_j2008@hotmail.com , Jimmy - james.angliss@gmail.com
      * Players MUST pre-register and pre-pay for this event - NO EXCEPTIONS. Banking details are listed below. Payments can also be done in person.
      * Registrations will close Thursday 20th July.
      * Please let us know what shirt size you will require if you are paying for one.


      Name: Jason Lambert
      Bank: Bank of QLD
      BSB: 124-001
      Acc No: 20838878


      As you can all appreciate, an event of this nature will require a truckload of help and support over the whole weekend. If you are able to help or assist with any of the following:
      * Providing and/or transporting machines (will probably need a minimum of 20 machines)
      * Scoring (Matchplay, Excel)
      * Machine set up and repairs
      * Anything else that comes to mind.....
      please contact Jimmy or myself. There may be a reward or two on offer for anyone willing to provide help.

      We are pumped and excited to be able to put this event on again for 2017 - we look forward to seeing everyone in Brisbane in July!

      Last edited by Lambo; 5th May 2017 at 12:02 AM.

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      Excellent! Emily and I will be there - if no locals can help out may be able to provide a couple of machines too.

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      2017 Brisbane Masters

      Let's see if I can get there this time.
      3rd time lucky.

      I can also help with repairs, maybe some set up if needed.

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      The Artist Formally Known As #1

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      If anyone has already paid their entry fee into my account, can you send me a PM to confirm your payment please.


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      Still deciding if I will play in this. I'm no chance at making it past the prelim round, but it sounds like a lot of fun. On the off chance that I do play, I will most likely do what I did for the recent Arcade Armagedon event and get an AirBnB close to Netherworld. I know I'm a local, but it's just easier than driving in and out each day.

      Anyway, if I do decide to play - are there any interstaters that are definitely coming that would like to go halves/thirds/quarters in an AirBnB? PM if you are interested.

      The AirBnB we had for the Arcade Armagedon event was at Hamilton, we mostly had 3 people on Friday night, 4 of Saturday and 3 on Sunday - ended up costing us around $60 each per night if memory serves. If (and it's still an if) I do play, I can most likely arrange airport pickups as well, probably from say 2pm or so onwards on the Firday, and then a drop off Monday morning (not too early - plan to be on the drink Sunday when it finishes).
      @Lambo - dumb question from an Arcader - I take it that all the side comps are elligible for IFPA points? Not that it really matters since I'm so lowly ranked, just curious

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      Quote Originally Posted by John73 View Post
      I take it that all the side comps are elligible for IFPA points? Not that it really matters since I'm so lowly ranked, just curious
      Correct @John73, just waiting for the IFPA approval on the side comps now.

      - - - Updated - - -

      CONFIRMED, PAID entries, as at 20/7/17:

      1. Chris Wade
      2. Wiliam Gill
      3. Grant Stephens
      4. James Angliss
      5. Jason Lambert
      6. Matthew Hetherington
      7. Michi Henning
      8. Nicolas Noben
      9. Ben Bronson
      10. Brett Goodwin
      11. John Cosson
      12. Naiomi Goodwin
      13. Nathan Brant
      14. Thibaut Allender
      15. Roland Kaegi
      16. Hollie Mills
      17. Luke French
      18. Jonathan Chabowski
      19. Rob McIntyre
      20. Travis Johnson
      21. Hugh Dickson
      22. Oliver Dickson
      23. Tim Walle
      24. Ben Wiedman
      25. Adam Dutton
      26. Mike Pascale
      27. Pat Nichols
      28. Peter Muller
      29. Mitch Wilkins
      30. Andrew Ferguson
      31. David James
      32. Travis Bishop
      33. Grant Quinn
      34. Rhys McHale
      35. Michelle Riding
      36. Steven Riding
      37. Chris Jennings
      38. Dirk Booy
      39. Greg McKay
      40. Terry Hunt
      41. Paul Jones
      42. Logan Jones
      43. Andrew Heitmann
      44. Regan Rist
      45. Greg Gee
      46. Esther Ahronheim
      47. Sarah Bishop
      48. Mitchell Setschnjak
      49. Greg McMahon
      50. Michelle Clark
      51. Jasen Mouritsen
      52. Gino Thimios
      53. Tim Chapman
      54. Steve Edwards
      55. David Abbott
      56. Adam Clarke
      57. Rohan Anderson
      58. Vicki Wills
      59. Geoff Wills
      60. Marc Bell
      61. Marcus Sezonov
      62. Tony Woods
      63. Peter Grayson
      64. Steve Nielsen
      65. Kurt Read
      66. Russell Dagger
      67. Glen Charles

      MAIN COMP:
      1. Chris Wade
      2. William Gill
      3. Grant Stephens
      4. James Angliss
      5. Jason Lambert
      6. Matthew Hetherington
      7. Michi Henning
      8. Nicolas Noben
      9. Chris Eccles
      10. Ben Bronson
      11. Brett Goodwin
      12. Dan Etiel
      13. Rob Singh
      14. John Cosson
      15. Naiomi Goodwin
      16. Nathan Brant
      17. Thibaut Allender
      18. Roland Kaegi
      19. Mick Paul
      20. Gavin Drogemuller
      21. Marco Rossignoli
      22. Hollie Mills
      23. Luke French
      24. Warren Beetham
      25. Jonathan Chabovski
      26. Rob McIntyre
      27. Travis Johnson
      28. Simon Baird
      29. Hugh Dickson
      30. Oliver Dickson
      31. Tim Walle
      32. Ben Wiedman
      33. Adam Dutton
      34. Mike Pascale
      35. David Clarke
      36. Pat Nichols
      37. Peter Muller
      38. Mitch Wilkins
      39. Andrew Ferguson
      40. David James
      41. Travis Bishop
      42. Rhys McHale
      43. Steven Riding
      44. Chris Jennings
      45. Dirk Booy
      46. Russell Dagger
      47. Paul Jones
      48. Logan Jones
      49. Lee Hutchison
      50. Matt Wolstencroft
      51. Andrew Heitmann
      52. Terry Hunt
      53. Regan Rist
      54. Greg Gee
      55. Esther Ahronheim
      56. Mitchell Setschnjak
      57. Glen Charles
      58. Sarah Bishop
      59. Greg McMahon
      60. Michelle Clark
      61. Zack Foster
      62. Jasen Mouritsen
      63. Corey Hamilton
      64. Gino Thimios
      65. Tim Chapman
      66. Adam Clarke
      67. Robert Macauley
      68. Steve Edwards
      69. David Abbott
      70. Rohan Anderson
      71. Vicki Wills
      72. Geoff Wills
      73. Marc Bell
      74. Michael Costalos
      75. Marcus Sezonov
      76. Anthony Fowler
      77. Tony Woods
      78. Pete Moffitt
      79. Peter Grayson
      80. Steve Nielsen

      1. Chris Wade
      2. William Gill
      3. Grant Stephens
      4. Jasen Mouritsen
      5. Rohan Anderson
      6. Matthew Hetherington
      7. Michi Henning
      8. Nicolas Noben
      9. Marc Bell
      10. Ben Bronson
      11. Brett Goodwin
      12. Geoff Wills
      13. John Cosson
      14. Naiomi Goodwin
      15. Nathan Brant
      16. Thibaut Allender
      17. Roland Kaegi
      18. Hollie Mills
      19. Luke French
      20. Vicki Wills
      21. Jonathan Chabovski
      22. Rob McIntyre
      23. Travis Johnson
      24. Hugh Dickson
      25. Oliver Dickson
      26. Tim Walle
      27. Ben Wiedman
      28. Adam Dutton
      29. Emily Cosson
      30. David Clarke
      31. Peter Muller
      32. Pat Nichols
      33. Mark Moller
      34. Natalie Petersen
      35. Andrew Ferguson
      36. David James
      37. Marcus Sezonov
      38. Michael Costalos
      39. Dirk Booy
      40. Russell Dagger
      41. Gerard Harnett
      42. Luke Shield
      43. Mike Pascale
      44. Paul Jones
      45. Logan Jones
      46. Lee Hutchison
      47. Matt Wolstencroft
      48. Andrew Heitmann
      49. Terry Hunt
      50. Regan Rist
      51. Greg Gee
      52. Esther Ahronheim
      53. Steve Edwards
      54. Mitchell Setschnjak
      55. Gino Thimios
      56. David Abbott
      57. Michelle Clark
      58. Greg McMahon
      59. Tim Chapman
      60. Robert Macauley

      1. Tony Woods (Paid)
      2. Bernie Ramone
      3. Glen Charles

      1. Chris Wade
      2. William Gill
      3. Grant Stephens
      4. James Angliss
      5. Michael Costalos
      6. Ben (Bar)
      7. Jason Lambert
      8. Nicolas Noben
      9. Bernie Ramone
      10. Brett Goodwin
      11. Emily Cosson
      12. John Cosson
      13. Naiomi Goodwin
      14. Nathan Brant
      15. Thibaut Allender
      16. Roland Kaegi
      17. Hollie Mills
      18. Luke French
      19. Warren Beetham
      20. Jonathan Chabovski
      21. Rob McIntyre
      22. Travis Johnson
      23. Hugh Dickson
      24. Oliver Dickson
      25. Tim Walle
      26. Ben Wiedman
      27. Adam Dutton
      28. Glen Charles
      29. David Clarke
      30. Andrew Ferguson
      31. David James
      32. Terry Hunt
      33. Rhys McHale
      34. Steven Riding
      35. Dirk Booy
      36. Russell Dagger
      37. Mike Pascale
      38. Lee Hutchison
      39. Matt Wolstencroft
      40. Andrew Heitmann
      41. Regan Rist
      42. Greg Gee
      43. Esther Ahronheim
      44. Peter Muller
      45. Greg McMahon
      46. Michelle Clark
      47. Corey Hamilton
      48. Gino Thimios
      49. Tim Chapman
      50. Adam Clarke
      51. David Abbott
      52. Robert Macauley
      53. Steve Edwards
      54. Marc Bell
      55. Marcus Sezonov
      56. Tony Woods
      57. Rohan Anderson
      58. Chris Eccles
      59. Jack Flynn
      60. Aurelie De Jaeger

      If you are planning on coming along to the Brisbane Masters, please let Jimmy or I know.
      Players do not need to play in the Main Brisbane Masters tournament to play in the Side comps. Everyone is welcome to attend ANY or ALL of the events.

      Last edited by Lambo; 23rd July 2017 at 12:39 PM.

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      Count hollie and myself in

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      Please add me to the 'all in' interested list please Lambo.



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